FTTH inbound optical fiber jumper

【A+bstract】: FTTH stands for Fiber To The Home in foreign language and fiber to the home in Chinese. According to the location of the optical fiber to the user side, the application mode (construction mode) of the wideband optical access network includes the following modes, which are collectively called FTTx and mainly include:

FTTH stands for Fiber To The Home in foreign language and fiber to the home in Chinese. According to the location of the optical fiber to the user side, the application mode (construction mode) of the wideband optical access network includes the following modes, which are collectively called FTTx and mainly include:

(1) FTTN: Fiber To The Node. (1) FTTN: fiber to the node

(2) FTTZ: Fiber To The Zone

(3) FTTCab: Fiber To The Cabinet, fiber to the cabinet

(4) FTTC: Fiber To The Curb

(5) FTTB: Fiber To The Building

(6) FTTP: Fiber To The Premise, fiber to the premises

(7) FTTH: Fiber To The Home

(8) FTTO: Fiber To The Office

In different application environments, the cable used, there are also structural differences to cope with the special needs of the environment.

As shown above, traditional FTTX wiring environment. In the process of step-by-step distribution from the local equipment network, various optical cables and fiber jumpers often need to be used interchangeably. When the central computer room at the end of the office goes to the roadside of FTTC or the handover box, the main cable is usually buried layer twisted outdoor armored cable with large core number, such as GYTA,GYTS, etc.
Conventional outdoor multi-core cable & conventional outdoor cabinet

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After the main cable enters the hand-over box, it passes through the primary light split-beam, and then the secondary main cable that goes out is fused with the pigtail in the ODF integrated module, and directly enters the wiring environment of FTTB fiber to the building. At this stage, the secondary main cable usually uses outdoor overhead or pipeline cable with small core number, such as GYXTW.
Commonly used outdoor center beam cable & commonly used floor fiber sub box


In the fiber division box or splitter box of the corridor, after the two main cable enters, it will be fused with the two splitter or the inbound tail fiber directly, and the outbound inbound fiber can reach every household, that is, the most terminal of our fiber optic line. In this environment, because most families are individual units, and the wiring environment is complex, so the cable used is smaller core number, more flexible bending to ensure convenient construction of butterfly leather cable, which is what we will mainly introduce today, FTTH household fiber jumper.

Before introducing FTTH home fiber jumper, let's briefly introduce butterfly cable cable.

Leather cable cable commonly known as indoor hanging wiring cable. Is the optical communication unit (optical fiber) in the center, placed on both sides of two parallel non-metallic strengthening parts (FRP) or metal strengthening members, finally, extrusion black or color polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or low smoke halogen-free material (LSZH, low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant) sheath. Because its cross section is symmetrical butterfly shape, it is called butterfly leather cable cable. Leather cable cable is mainly divided into outdoor self-supporting butterfly cable cable and indoor non - self-supporting butterfly cable cable two structures.

Outdoor self-supporting butterfly cable & indoor non-self-supporting butterfly cable
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In traditional FTTH wiring, in order to facilitate construction and fast connection, a large number of leather cables and optical fiber fast connectors have been used when entering the home. This method does not need to budget the length of jumper in advance and does not need to use the optical fiber fusion machine. Therefore, the construction is indeed convenient and fast, and it was once the most widely used method of household entry in FTTH.
All kinds of fast fiber optic connectors

However, there are inevitable fatal defects in the fiber optic fast connector

One: because of the end of the optical fiber fast connector, it is a fast connection at the scene, the pull of the joint is not reliable protection, as the prefabricated end of the optical fiber jumper anti drag.

Second: the loss of the optical fiber fast connector is unstable. The loss size is not only related to the quality of the optical fiber fast connection itself, but also has a great relationship with the quality of the construction worker cutting the optical fiber. When the construction worker cuts the optical fiber, if the optical fiber port is not smooth, the optical fiber loss will be too large. And the site construction personnel, and not every construction worker is professional, reliable technology.

Third: In the later period, in order to solve the problem of uneven ports when the construction workers cut optical fibers, the optical fiber matching paste is generally configured when the optical fiber fast connection is used to solve the problem of uneven optical fiber cutting ports. But new problems arise. Because the sealing performance of the quick connection itself is not very good, the optical fiber matching paste has a service life. The optical fiber matching paste will fail in about 1 year, and there will be a large loss at the interface, which will cause great trouble for the subsequent optical fiber maintenance.

For the above three reasons, the popularity of optical fiber fast connection gradually decreases after a period of popularity. In the current FTTH environment, optical fiber fast connection is only used as a temporary replacement for spare parts in temporary optical fiber emergency repair and fast wiring. And the prefabricated end of FTTH leather fiber jumper market, once suppressed by the heat of fiber fast connection, is hot again. Although the prefabricated end of the fiber jumper, the construction and demander need to budget the length and quantity of the fiber jumper in advance, but its reliable stability, finally won the market recognition!

Shenzhen Yihong Optical Communication Co., LTD., as an old manufacturer of optical fiber wire, has more than 10 years of production experience and reliable production technology, strict control of raw materials, the leather cable we use, are made of higher grade flame retardant LSZH material, with the use of single-mode fiber core, By default, G657A series of original long fly fiber core, parallel steel wire reinforcement, and phosphating steel wire with excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance are used. In addition, we can also produce multi-core FTTH leather jumper according to customer requirements. At the branch, our company uses a special leather cable splitter, which has strong tension resistance and will not cause excessive bending loss of the fiber core.

Conventional indoor leather jumper & conventional outdoor leather jumper
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2 core branching leather jumper &4 core branching leather jumper
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In recent years, pre-formed end leather wire jumper has a new development, because the above conventional leather wire jumper, most of them are only suitable for use in indoor environment, and the actual FTTX wiring environment, FTTB fiber box, in many cases is not in the corridor. Especially at present, optical fiber into the home has begun to be popularized in rural areas. In many rural wiring environments, FTTB is installed in the outdoor pole environment, and the overhead traction into the home. In this environment, the leather jumper must have waterproof function, and the tension resistance at the interface must have relatively strict requirements. Conventional FTTH leather jumper is no longer competent for the wiring construction in this environment. Therefore, a batch of new-type outdoor FTTH waterproof connectors of leather wire indoor fiber jumper emerged. Corning and Huawei have designed a batch of outdoor FTTH leather wire Mini-SC connectors. SHENZHEN IH Optics CO., LTD has developed and produced our own outdoor leather wire entry jumper to meet the changing needs of the market environment.

MINI-SC for Corning port

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MINI-SC for Huawei ports
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Waterproof optical fiber box with outdoor MINI-SC waterproof adapter